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Coach Micah B.

Micah B. is a professional Muay Thai and MMA striking coach best known for creating instructional content on social media. His massive following includes World Champions like Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva. He trains alongside world-class combat sports athletes who have competed in the UFC, Glory Kickboxing, and OneFC.

As a global instructor with more than 180K followers, Micah has become one of the most sought after coaches in his field due to his unique approach to learning via video tutorials that are easy to follow at home or gym - no matter your skill level!

Rudy Gonzales

Rudy is a fitness enthusiast who has been training in martial arts for almost 15 years. He began his journey in the garage with his father, learning the basics of weightlifting and soon after found himself competing against other up-and-coming athletes. It didn't take long before Rudy fell in love with martial arts and became dedicated to discovering ways of improving his performance both inside and outside of the training room.

He started out as an assistant grappling coach during his youth, expanding over to the personal training realm later on. Apart from being an avid competitor, Rudy's goal is to help others find the best version of themselves through physical fitness. He believes that with any challenge comes new abilities!

17 Years Personal Training and Nutrition Experience

B.S. Kinesiology

Seth Goss

IFBB Pro Nutrition Kinesiology PT 

14 Years Experience

Minor in Psychology

ACE, NCSF Certified

Vanessa Naesheim

 2016 NPC Nationals Women’s Physique Class C Winner & Overall Champion