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Do You Allow visitors? What Is The Cost For Visitors To Train?

Yes, visitors are welcome! Our class drop-in fee is $25. If you are visiting WA for a week or two, please inquire about short-term memberships by emailing

Do You Offer free trials?

If you are interested in joining the Wave Combat Sports team we’d love to have you! Please email to set up your trial lesson. While we do not offer free trials, we will apply your class drop-in fee to your dues at sign-up.

Do you require a Long-term contract for membership?

We have a variety of Membership Options, Rates and Plans, from No Commitment to an Annual Agreement. To decide which works best for you,

please email

What Classes Can I Attend?

Most of our classes are Open Level. There are some exceptions (Advanced Striking, for example, are limited to our more experienced students only), so please refer to our class descriptions under the Program Menu.

Do You Have Showers And Locker Rooms?

Yes! We have showers and changing rooms. We do not have lockers so please keep your valuables safe.

*Please note that towels and laundry service is not offered due to COVID-19 mitigation guidelines; please bring your own towel*

Do You Offer Private Lessons?

Yes! We offer private and semi-private training in all of our programs. You can learn a little about our amazing coaches under Program Pages in the menu. For additional information regarding rates, packages, scheduling, etc

please email

Do You Provide Gloves?

We do not provide gloves, but do have great quality options available in for sale.

Does Your BJJ Program ANY gi or nogi restrictions?

No, all students may take Gi and NoGi classes. We do ask that you wear clean attire for each class you attend. In addition, you may wear patches from any academy affiliation. We do ask that your NoGi attire be free of pockets, zippers and buttons.

do you rent gis?

We do not loan or rent gis, but do have them available for purchase.

Do you have any gym rules i should be aware of?

Yes! WE have gym etiquette and rules detailed in your member agreement. We are a martial arts training academy and a team. Everyone is here to learn, improve their skill, get stronger and healthier. Treat everyone and the facility with respect and we will embrace you.

Do you sell merchandise or equipment at the academy?

Yes! We stock Academy training apparel and clothing, training equipment, and beverages.